Scaling for decentralized apps

We're an open source community bringing scalability to Ethereum using Plasma.

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Key advantages

The Leap Network combines scalability, ease of use and security — all in one.

Smart and fast

Allows for smart contracts to be executed on Layer-2.
Up to 4000 transactions per second,
3 seconds block time.

Easy on-boarding

All you need is a wallet - contracts can pay for gas (no ETH balance required).

Security in mind

All funds secured by full PoW of Ethereum mainnet.

Proof of Stake prevents censorship by a single operator.


Beginners guide

It is easy and straightforward to start using the Leap Network. Learn how to run smart contracts on Plasma with Spending Conditions.


Your dApp on the Leap Network

No matter if you want to create a new dApp or already have one: check out simple use case examples.

Spending conditions examples

Give feedback, request features

We work for the developers, so your feedback is very valuable. Request new features and suggest improvements.

Github issues


Become a validator

Run a node and stay in sync with the network, stake a lot of tokens, and earn more.

LeapDAO Proof-of-Stake Presentation

Strenghten the chain

If there is only one operator, then he can censor transactions. With multiple operators the chain becomes more censorship resistant.

Improve Ethereum

Help Ethereum scale on Layer 2 and achieve mass adoption.
Do PoS on Ethereum before Ethereum does PoS.


Contribute code

All our code is open-source and stored on GitHub. Check out repos, report bugs, find solutions, propose features.

Contribute support

Our aim is to help others build their future. And we also need your help for that. Join open Leap community!

Get rewarded

We aim to reward any contribution to LeapDAO using bounties, salaries and hourly-based compensation.

Available bounties

Leap peeps
around the world

Get involved!

As an open-source software community, Leap thrives from the efforts of its members. Whatever your interests and skills are, there is ample opportunity to make the life of Dapps better!


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