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The Leap community is passionate about building scalable Dapps and giving them a home to live in. All members are here to grow as professionals and have fun at the same time. We run Plasma chains while posting memes.

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Why join the Leap community

  • Jump into blockchain development.
  • Get help with your Dapp or use-case.
  • Experience a self-managing holacratic organization.
  • Make the life of a Dapp better!

How Leap rolls

The community has evolved from working on blockchain gaming to researching Plasma to delivering scalability as a global public utility. Its flexibility has created an adaptive decentralized organization with Leap peeps at its core.

The Leap community values

Leap peeps
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Get involved!

As an open-source software community, Leap thrives from the efforts of its members. Whatever your interests and skills are, there is ample opportunity to make the life of Dapps better!

Contribute code

  • Check out GitHub issues with the Good first issue or bounty tags.
  • Report a bug and find a solution for it.
  • Propose new features or solve design challenges.

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Contribute support

  • Write documentation and example code.
  • Propose new tasks and projects.
  • Answer questions and help others to deliver bounties.